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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I exchange thought with the clouds.
I hold my breath.
Ahh, it’s just a blindness shell.
Is that where the bottom is? The shadow burns me.
Ahh, I just want to keep forgetting.
Slip your desires into the ant’s nest.
Come now, all you have to do now is be reborn again.

Let tomorrow sleep and peacefulness will turn to you.
Free yourself and go with your razor sharp emotions.
Even the twisted flow is the proof that you’re alive.
I invite the tearfully-indulging tomorrow.

The inculcated Dogra Magra.
The pain of the mark ,and the one and only personality.
And those colorful eyes all decorated. I don’t want them anymore.
Is hypocrisy going to come and take it away?
The lonely red stage at night.
I dedicate the following to the aspiring leading actor.
That’s where the truth is.

The small corner of mhy un-cheatable heart says “ I still want to be here”.
Who can’t we forgive?
I let them hear my cold voice.
And I swear.

I will walk with karma. I scream with this body of flesh that separates heaven and hell.
I carve the punishment. What will be the proof of my existence if it disappears with the wind?

“I’ve stared at the strong shining moon long enough to be bored on the Vajra.
Can’t even turn myself into a werewolf.
But just enough to become crazy by the darkness.
I want to suck the neck.
The emptiness of the remains.
I won’t let you sleep.
At the age where you just want attention… adieu, you just like become so crazy.”

Everyone want to reach out their hand and grab happiness.
But they just end up becoming the monster that lies deep in darkness.
The end has already come to life.
It will take form at zero and will crawl back into the uterus and rot.
Every time this happens, your faces crumble.

No on e wants to talk about the truth that hurts the ear.
The suppressed minds.

Compensate the sins and let life be gone.

The emptiness of the antithesis.
Becomes the choking and crying land.
Bury the bones in the common land immersed in thesis.
Be burdened by depression.
The gritty tsunami takes me away and I sile with bitter tears.
Couldn’t understand the value of things.
The hanging of the necks at the 13 stairs.
Seeing people becoming friendly while clapping hands.
That mixes in with sissy thoughts and hurts others.
Seeing you like this, it’s just too sad.

Splash of blood.
Squashing basic instincts.
Talk about death.

No one wants to talk about the truth that hurts the ear.
The suppressed minds.

Compensate the sins and let life be gone.

Is it a sin for me to live because I am evil?

Sambung Baca

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